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Chisago-Isanti DFL

Chisago-Isanti DFL


Chisago-Isanti DFL

3 days ago

Chisago-Isanti DFL
Stauber Voted Against Formula for Babies! By Jen SchultzMay 20 at 2:22 PM · Pete Stauber voted against emergency funding to address the baby formula shortage. He's offered nothing but complaints and blame on this incredibly serious issue. He has no ideas and is not interested in governing.As I wrote on Tuesday, the causes of this problem are complex. The bill Stauber voted against would fund increased FDA inspection staff and efforts to monitor higher production, keep fraudulent baby formula off the shelves and prevent this from happening again. This also will help if we increase importation of baby formula. If he's against that, then what are his solutions? I'll go first.Health care initiatives that would lead to healthier babies, parents and families are paid family leave, access to lactation specialists in hospitals and at home, and better coverage for pre- and post-natal care.I also support rigorous investigation of mergers and acquisitions to determine impact on supply and price, and using anti-trust regulations to reduce industry consolidation and monopolistic behavior.Where are Pete's answers? When #staubersaysno, it hurts us all. ... See MoreSee Less
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SD28 2022 Convention Agenda


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This is the agenda for the SD28 2022 Convention.