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Chisago-Isanti DFL

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Chisago-Isanti DFL

Voter Education

Graphic of a wave with the text, "I'm a voter"


Are you a new voter?  Have you moved since the last time you voted?  Click here to register online or check your registration status if you have voted before.  


Voting on Election Day

Do you know where your polling place is?  Question on what voting hours are?  Can I leave work to vote?  Find answers to those questions and more, here.  Don’t forget to bring your ID when you go to vote!

Absentee and Early Voting

Can’t vote on election day?  Plan to vote by absentee ballot or vote early in person.  Click here for information on early voting options and how to vote early, or by absentee ballot.  If you sign up to vote absentee, don’t forget to mail in your ballot!  

Additional questions?

Visit the Minnesota Secretary of State website, or contact your county election office for any questions on voting.  

A political cartoon showing 2/3 of people saying "We didn't vote because it wouldn't make a difference" while only 1/3 voted
Nick Anderson editorial cartoon on voters. Published in the Houston Chronicle 11/04/2014