Join your neighbors, advocate for causes that are important to you, and sign up to help your precinct
Get Out The Vote in the 2022 Mid-Term Elections.

CLICK HERE to visit the Minnesota DFL website and find the local of your precinct’s caucuses. 

2022 PRECINCT CAUCUSES are on February 1st, Tuesday. DFL SD 32 has decided to do in-person caucuses.
The state DFL has indicated the rules for attending the caucuses are as follows:
1: Wear a well-fitted face-mask over the nose and mouth, even while speaking (we will have some masks available at caucuses)
2: Socially distance as much as possible
3: Bring PROOF of VACCINATION (complete shots required) or a negative COVID-19 test taken no more than 72 hours prior to caucuses starting, which is Feb. 1st.
IF YOU CAN’T ATTEND, you can send/email a letter saying you would like to be a delegate to the DFL Senate District 32 Convention in late April. Also you can volunteer for Precinct or SD32 Officers.
Email address to send your absentee letter to Dave Waldoch:
Here is your Non-attending Precinct Caucus Absentee form:
The list of 2022 DFL caucus locations for Chisago & Isanti Counties is as follows (ONLY for DFL/ DEMOCRATS. Not for Republicans, Independents or other parties):
Amador precinct: 15740 Maple Lane, Almelund, Mn (Fire Station)
Center City, Chisago City, North Chisago Lake Township, South Chisago Lake Township, Lindstrom:  Chisago Lakes High School, 29400 Olinda Trail, Lindstrom, MN
Fish Lake:  North Folk Winery, 43150 Blackhawk Rd, Stark, MN
Harris: American Legion Post 139, 43662 Ginger ave, Harris, Mn
Lent: Lent Township Hall, 33155 Hemingway Ave, Stacy, Mn
Nessell: Nessell Twnshp Hall, 49205 Acacia Trail, Stanchfield,
North Branch A, B, C: North Branch High School:  38175 Grand Ave, North Branch, Mn
   (Please note that this location does not include the part North Branch Township in Isanti County. See Isanti County list below)
Rush City: Rush City High School, 5100 Fairfield Ave, Rush City,
Rusheba: Rush City High School, 5100 Fairfield Ave, Rush City,
Taylor Falls: Taylor Falls Elementary School, 648 West Street, Taylor Falls, Mn
Shafer “A” Precinct: Taylor Falls Elementary School, 648 West Street, Taylor Falls, Mn
Stacy: Lent Township Hall, 33155 Hemingway Ave, Stacy, Mn
Sunrise: Sunrise Town hall, 41259 Oak St, Sunrise
Wyoming: Wyoming Elementary School, 25701 Forest Blvd N, Wyoming, Mn



Braham City – Braham High School, 531 Elmhurst Av. S., Braham
Cambridge P-1, Cambridge P-2, Cambridge Township –  Intermediate School, 428 NW 2nd Av.,
Dalbo Township – Dalbo Township Hall, Dalbo
Isanti Township – Isanti Township Hall, 2281- 301st Av. NE, Isanti
Isanti P-1, Isanti P-2 –  Isanti Middle School, 201 Centennial Dr. NW
Maple Ridge Township – Maple Ridge Township Hall 38724 Palm St., Stanchfield
North Branch Township, Oxford Township – North Branch Township Hall 29113 Notre Dame St. NW, North Branch
Springvale Township – Cambridge Intermediate School, 428 NW 2nd Av.,Cambridge
Stanchfield Township – Braham High School 531 Elmhurst Av. S., Braham
Wyanett Township – Cambridge Intermediate School 428 NW 2nd Av., Cambridge


Former Vice President Joe Biden, Democratic presidential nominee, left, and Senator Kamala Harris, Democratic vice presidential nominee, wear protective masks while holding hands outside the Chase Center during the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S., on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020. Biden accepted the Democratic nomination to challenge President Donald Trump, urging Americans in a prime-time address to vote for new national leadership that will overcome deep U.S. political divisions. Photographer: Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg via Getty Images


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Have you heard of the Political Contribution Refund program?  Registered voters who contribute to a registered political party are eligible to apply for a refund of their contribution. Only monetary contributions, and not donations of goods or services, qualify for the refund.

The maximum refund contributors may receive is $50 per person, or $100 for married couples. Individuals may file only one refund application per year.  

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