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"If we don't fight hard enough for the things we stand for, at some point we have to recognize that we don't really stand for them." - Paul Wellstone
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For the last 5 months, the Minnesota Republican Legislative majority pushed through policies that divided Minnesotans, attacked working people, threatened the tools of our democracy and shortchanged our future:

*Unlicensed teachers in our kids' classrooms.
*Tuition increases at our colleges and universities
*Tax cuts for big tobacco.
*Brakes on the expansion of transit.
*Refusing to fund pensions for those who've spent their lives earning them.
*Pulling paid family leave out from under the feet of new parents.
*Excluding immigrant Minnesotans from being able to obtain a drivers license.
*Stifling climate solutions and the growth of clean energy jobs.
*Gutting the Health Care Access Fund

Governor Dayton needs to get his veto pen out and use it.


        Next DFL SD32 Meeting: Monday, June 5th, 7PM
       Perkins Restaurant, North Branch
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Check out this guide to the sprawling new
Anti-Trump resistance movement. An
explosion of new activism offers a ray of
hope in these dark political times.

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Minnesota #1 state for business

Minnesota #1 state for Tech Jobs

Minneapolis - Best place in U.S. to retire (AARP)

Minneapolis named #2 best downtown in U.S.
Minneapolis #1 healthiest city in U.S.

Minneapolis #3 best winter vacation spot

Duluth #5 best Foodie City in U.S.

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1989 Auction Flyer

Rep. Bob Barrett banned from running in SD32 because he lied about living in district.
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National Security at Risk with Trump, say Republican Officials
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The Minnesota Political contribution Refund program is gone!  The fantastic public campaign finance program was canceled during the last days of the 2015 legislative session, what a loss!
Why right wing Republicans are obsessed and consumed with Obamacare. Click here

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