Between elections, it is important to remain active and contact your representatives.  Let them know that you support actions or votes they are taking, and also to let them know you don’t support what they are doing. 

Here are some tools that will help you stay up to date on legislation hearings and other activities to help you be an active activist.


Did you know that you could make a donation to us, and the state would give you a refund for it? 

Have you heard of the Political Contribution Refund program?  Registered voters who contribute to a registered political party are eligible to apply for a refund of their contribution. Only monetary contributions, and not donations of goods or services, qualify for the refund.

The maximum refund contributors may receive is $50 per person, or $100 for married couples. Individuals may file only one refund application per year.  

Click here to visit our Donation page for more information, and a link to the refund form.


Visit our events calendar and join us at one of our upcoming events.



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